Bucket truck reaching a tight spot

Crane working over a house that has limited access

Whether you request a large scale land clearing or just need tree trimming around your home. No matter the scale or level of difficulty.

We will always offer cost effective options that fit your specific situation. we know the value of a dollar and would never overcharge for any tree or landscape project. We pride ourselves on servicing our customers as individuals.

We customize our pricing and its one of the things that separates us from our competitors. 

You Can contact Pioneer Tree And Landscape Service at: 774 - 628 - 9191 or fill out the contact form to discuss your next tree or landscape project.

Stump grinding available anytime!

Firewood Delivery Services 12 months a year

Our professional tree and landscape company always employs the most experienced and professional workers in the industry. They have the training and precision skills necessary to make sure you are completely satisfied with any project you might need.

* Tree Removal

* Stump Removal / Stump Grinding

* Tree Trimming / Tree Pruning

* Land Clearing

* 24 - Hour Emergency Services

* Tree Planting

* Shrub Removal

* Landscaping Services

* Seasoned Fire Wood Delivery

Our Services

(774) 628-9191            

​Pioneer Tree And Landscape Service​​​

Seasoned Firewood $250.00 a cord

Seasoned Firewood $140.00 for a 1/2 cord

Seasoned Firewood $70.00 1/4 cord

Delivery Charges as follows: 

Dartmouth is no delivery charge

Surrounding towns within 10 miles no delivery charge 

Plymouth and Cape Cod $35.00 - 90.00  

Somerset and Providence 35.00-90.00 

Full Cords are never short! 

Seasoned Wood Cut at 16" on average

Mostly Oak and Maple.

Call today for more information!